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Welcome to my world of abandoned and derelict buildings...

Some sites were explored with permission and many were not however these sites need to be recorded and archived for the future.
I do not aim to be arty or try to make clever shots, I simply shoot as I see.

Also I am still learning to push my camera to its limits and also to experiment with post processing certain shots ... above all else, I try to enjoy my hobby while I can, as I am not getting any younger !

For more insights into what I do, have a look at http://www.oblivionstate.com.
We are a very friendly Forum and welcome any like minded fans of the Abandoned.
I have been doing this pastime for almost 40 years beginning in 1974 photographing an old army camp near my home using a Halina Elektra 35mm camera.

Over the years my explores have been usually done in groups with like minded minded people,some of who use Forums where they  post up what we call "reports" that give a brief description of the site,some history about it and some selective photos.

For the last year,I have been planning on giving up the derelict explore,but then someone invites me to one last site so I accept !
So it remains,I am still here doing this strange but often compelling hobby.